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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Risks of Sports

As many of you may know, many sports are very high in risks of injury. Those sports are football, baseball, basketball, snowboarding and skiing just to name a few. If you want to know why each is dangerous, here are the explanations. Football has high risks because you were so much heavy and solid padding. All of that and you are running straight at someone and so there are serious risks of injury in this sport. Baseball also has injury risks, and those are the risks of broken bones when fielding a fly ball, sliding, running, playing defense and being in the crowd.

The risks of injury to the crowd is broken bats or unnoticed home runs or foul balls. Basketball is a risk for many injuries. Those include broken bones, pulled muscles, twisted ankles and a whole lot of bruising. Snowboarding and skiing have the same risks. Those are broken bones, running into someone or being run into, and hypothermia.

As you can clearly see, almost all sports come with the risk of injury. Always remember your safety equipment and common sense to stay safe and not make stupid decisions that could get you hurt!

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