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Saturday, December 31, 2011

iPhone vs. Android controversy

Lately, the iPhone vs. Android controversy has become well noticed. It is my opinion that smart phones are now the best things to buy because they are like having a computer in your hand anywhere without wifi. I have always been a huge fan of Apple and there products. Lately though, the Android has started to (according to many reviews) surpass the iPhone. I personally don't like this one bit.

I think that the iPhone is better because it does not have a bulky keyboard. I also think the iPhone is better because it so simple to use and has specific features for the physically impaired. A final reason that I believe the iPhone is better is because Apple is so nice, supportive and easy to work with. Apple has never let me down and so I applaud them for that. Please leave your view of this matter below in the comment box.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Blog Poll

Hi again!!! I decided to have a poll today on 5 topics. Please leave your answer in the form of a comment.

1: Do you know what the Apple Company is?
2: Do you know who Steve Jobs was?
3: Do you own a product of Apple? ex. iPad, iPod, iPhone, MacBook Pro, MacBook, MacBook Air, iMac.

4: Do you enjoy historical buildings and learning about history?
5: Do you frequently visit this blog?

Thank you for your participating in this poll. The answers will be posted(hopefully) next week if I get enough participation.

Brand New Pics

 Hello everyone! Here are a few of the photos that I promised to get to you. The first two are photos of a red squirrl I saw in my yard. The the third one is a cool picture of rain I took in May. Please leave a comment on the photos.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hi and merry Christmas! I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas. I have a non Christmas related pic that I took a few days ago. I don't have it on my iPod(were I am posting from) so I will post another pic instead of that one. This is a picture of the sound board/box that I recently operated for my school's winter concert. Have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I will post more in a few days about my holiday party for my family and New Years celebrations. Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Games Against Byram and Sparta

Unfortunately, our last two games have been close but we lost both by a combined margin of 8 points. We are on a 0-2 streak since our Newton game. Another bad thing was that we would have won if the refs had there heads on straight and would have called the 4 intentional fouls on our starting point guard who was eventually hurt and had to leave the game. The refs only called  .00000000000000000000000000000000000001 of the fouls they should of called on Sparta. The Byram game was different than Sparta. We played the good Byram team and lost by 2 points. Lucky us that the refs in that game had there heads on straight. Also, in the Sparta game I scored my 6th point this season.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Game Against Newton

Today we played Newton in a great game for us. Today we are still undefeated after blowing out Newton 36-8. We came close to beating our record of points for this season which was 38, but we only scored 36. Today I made a shot that I thought was too long to go in. We tied our record for least points allowed (8). We set that record in our first game against Byram. Also, Bryam happens to be the next team we play. Below is a picture of the scoreboard at the end of the game, and the shot that I made. However, you can't see the ball in the second picture of me shooting.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super Bowl XLV Part 2

I do realize that it is a little bit late to post about the Super Bowl, but I forgot to, so I will do it now. This year's super bowl was played between #2 in the AFC Pittsburgh Steelers and #6 NFC Green Bay Packers. The final score was 31-25. Please note, I forgot the score and tried to remember it to the best of my abilities. The Pittsburgh Steelers were favored because they had won six previous Super Bowls. In this Super Bowl, however, the Steelers lost to the Green Bay Packers and Arron Rodgers. Personally, I was rooting for the Packers. Now everyone had to have loved the halftime show by the Black
Eyed Peas. I thought that it was the best halftime show since the halftime show thing started. And that is all.

Monday, February 7, 2011

My Basketball Games This Season

This season has been the best season we have ever had since we started.  The final score in each of our first five games are as follows: 28-8, 25-23(ot), 29-15, 36-14, 32-27. We are undefeated still, and I think we will play Byram next week, but I lost my schedule, so I don't know. All I know is that if we play Byram, we will win. Below are pictures from all the games. The first picture is our Byram game. The second picture is our Sparta game, and the third picture is our Frelinghuysen game. Please note the third picture was taken before the game ended , so the final score was different.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Game Against Frelinghuysen

Last night at 7 pm we played Frelighyson in our hardest game yet. In this game we once again won 32-27. This game was our hardest because the lead kept changing from team to team. Also the ref was not that good because he called moving screens on us when it was the Frelinghyson players who ran into us. The end result turned out good for us, though, since we won. We are still undefeated.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Super Bowl XLV Part 1

This year is the 46th anniversary since the Super Bowl started. Let me tell you a little history about how early football evolved into today's perfect game. The game of football started in the year 1878.  Then, it was played with a soccer ball and no pads. The first time there was a championship was around the 1920's. The first time the super bowl was played was the 1966 super bowl when Green Bay defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10 in Los Angeles.  This year the Super bowl will be played in Indianapolis, Indiana where we will see the 2 best teams in the NFL play to lift the Lombardi trophy. Below is the list of who won which Super Bowl and where.
Super Bowl 11967Los AngelesGreen Bay PackersKansas City Chiefs35-10
Super Bowl 21968MiamiGreen Bay PackersOakland Raiders33-14
Super Bowl 31969MiamiNew York JetsBaltimore Colts16-7
Super Bowl 41970New OrleansKansas City ChiefsMinnesota Vikings23-7
Super Bowl 51971MiamiBaltimore ColtsDallas Cowboys16-13
Super Bowl 61972New OrleansDallas CowboysMiami Dolphins24-3
Super Bowl 71973Los AngelesMiami DolphinsWashington Redskins14-7
Super Bowl 81974HoustonMiami DolphinsMinnesota Vikings24-7
Super Bowl 91975New OrleansPittsburgh SteelersMinnesota Vikings16-6
Super Bowl 101976MiamiPittsburgh SteelersDallas Cowboys21-17
Super Bowl 111977PasadenaOakland RaidersMinnesota Vikings32-14
Super Bowl 121978New OrleansDallas CowboysDenver Broncos27-10
Super Bowl 131979MiamiPittsburgh Steelers Dallas Cowboys35-31
Super Bowl 141980PasadenaPittsburgh Steelers Los Angeles Rams31-19
Super Bowl 151981New OrleansOakland RaidersPhiladelphia Ealges27-10
Super Bowl 161982Pontiac, MISan Francisco 49ersCincinnati Bengals26-21
Super Bowl 171983PasadenaWashington RedskinsMiami Dolphins27-17
Super Bowl 181984TampaLos Angeles RaidersWashington Redskins38-9
Super Bowl 191985Stanford, CASan Francisco 49ersMiami Dolphins38-16
Super Bowl 201986New OrleansChicago BearsNew England Patriots46-10
Super Bowl 211987PasadenaNew York GiantsDenver Broncos39-20
Super Bowl 221988San DiegoWashington RedskinsDenver Broncos42-10
Super Bowl 231989MiamiSan Francisco 49ersCincinnati Bengals20-16
Super Bowl 241990New orleansSan Francisco 49ersDenver Broncos55-10
Super Bowl 251991TampaNew York GiantsBuffalo Bills20-19
Super Bowl 261992MinneapolisWashington RedskinsBuffalo Bills37-24
Super Bowl 271993PasadenaDallas CowboysBuffalo Bills52-17
Super Bowl 281994AtlantaDallas CowboysBuffalo Bills30-13
Super Bowl 291995MiamiSan Francisco 49ersSan Diego Chargers49-26
Super Bowl 301996TempeDallas CowboysPittsburgh Steelers27-17
Super Bowl 311997New OrleansGreen Bay PackersNew England Patriots25-21
Super Bowl 321998San DiegoDenver BroncosGreen Bay Packers31-24
Super Bowl 331999MiamiDenver BroncosAtlanta Falcons34-19
Super Bowl 342000AtlantaSt. Louis RamsTennessee Titans23-16
Super Bowl 352001TampaBaltimore RavensNew York Giants34-7
Super Bowl 362002New OrleansNew England PatriotsSt. Louis Rams20-17
Super Bowl 372003San DiegoTampa Bay BuccaneersOakland Raiders48-21
Super Bowl 382004HoustonNew England PatriotsCarolina Panthers32-29
Super Bowl 392005JacksonvilleNew England PatriotsPhiladelphia Eagles24-21
Super Bowl 402006DetroitPittsburgh SteelersSeattle Seahawks21-10
Super Bowl 412007MiamiIndianapolis ColtsChicago Bears29-17
Super Bowl 422008Glendale, AZNew York GiantsNew England Patriots17-14
Super Bowl 432009TampaPittsburgh SteelersArizona Cardinals27-23
Super Bowl 452011Arlington, TX Green Bay Pittsburgh Steelers   31-25
Super Bowl 462012Indianapolis

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice: An Enemy?

Ice is a very controversial thing. It can be helpful or it can be an annoyance. When ice is helpful is when it's in cubes cooling a drink or when its crushed in a bag and placed on a sore muscle. When ice is not helpful is when it covers the road in a thick sheet and makes it unsafe to drive. Another time ice is not helpful is when it sleets hard or hails. Today my dad and I took a picture of a huge icicle that was hanging on our roof before breaking it and collecting the pieces.

Golf: A Sport Known Round the World

Golf is a sport that anyone can play at almost any age. Golf is a wonderful sport because it can be easy or hard. Anyone who wants to play golf can with the proper training and equipment. In the U.S., there are over 10,000 golf courses. You have to be careful though as some courses are private and only club members can play on them. Also you need to have the correct equipment to play golf well. If your clubs are too long or too short, you will not be able to play your best. Also, remember that their are classes online, on t.v. and in your own town were you can learn to play golf. Happy golfing!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Game Against Stillwater

Friday, January, 28th, we played Stillwater in an away game at night. We once again beat our record for this season for most points. We moved it from 29 to 38. We won the game 38-14. We should have had more points for the 6 or 10 fouls the ref did not call. In this game, the other team only had one good player, and he only played half the game. This is our first of two away games. This is also our first Friday night game. Our next game will be next Friday at 7:00 at Frelinghyson school.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Most people think of snow as tiny balls of water that is cold precipitating down onto the ground. That is very wrong. Snow is tiny ice crystals that form, and when they are heavy enough they fall to earth. When the snow hits the ground, most of the time it melts for a while then starts collecting. The only time snow collects immediately after falling is if the ground is below the temperature of the snow crystals. Snow is also very helpful. One way snow is helpful is because it can bring water to the ground to help the water cycle.  Another good thing snow does, if there is enough of it, it will give you a snow day, or at least a delayed opening. Some of the bad things snow can do is freeze very hard and become the dangerous black ice. Another bad thing snow does is snow too much and cancel your basketball practice like it did tonight, January 26, 2011. Remember don't groan at snow, think of all the great things snow does for us.  Below is a picture of a bird that is standing on the snow. If you look closely, you can see the tiny snow crystals.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Game Against Hampton

Today we played Hampton in our last home game for 2 weeks. We got off to a good start with the lead and the lead never swiched to Hampton's side.We continued our perfect winning streak against this team. We have never lost to Hampton since I have played. In total, we are 3-0 and going into our only two away games this season. They are back to back weeks and both on Friday nights. During the game one of my friends was fouled 3 times by the same peerson. That one player fouled a total of 4 times and was lucky to stay in the game. We did not beat our all-time points record which was 48 set last year, but we did break our record for this year by one. We moved it from 28 to 29.  I am sorry but I do not have any pictures from todays game. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Homework. I absolutly hate homework because it takes time away from us kids lives. We as kids should not have homework because in the time it takes us to do it we could be outside getting more exersise or we could be inside discovering somethig new. I belive homework should be eliminated. The whole reason for school is to do our work in school, and not at home. Also in the time it takes me to do my homework I could be getting better at basketball, or helping someone else. Homework is a total waste of time.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter Birds

During the winter some birds are not here in Fredon, but some very beautiful birds still stick around. My dad loves photographing nature, so I haved learned alot about the birds that stick in Fredon for the winter. My favorite bird is the male cardinal. I like him because of his vibrant colors and that he is a very hard bird to photograph. I also love photography, but I like to photograph the sky, landscapes and sports. My best hit in the photography world was when, in the summer, I won second place in the New Jersey State Fair for a photo of a bush that looked to be on fire but really was not. Another bird species that is here in Fredon in the winter is the mourning dove. I have only seen it once, but I am sure that it has been here more than once. Below is a picture of the male cardinal. Keep following for more posts.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Historic Buildings: Keep or Move

Today I went to an area that had some historic buildings and I was very mad at what was happening. The first problem I saw was that the lead paint was peeling and that if a big gust of wind came it could blow the lead paint into the nearby stream and pollute the water. A second problem was that jagged metal tools were sticking out of the snow. If someone did not see them they could get hurt. A final problem was the wood was all rotten and moldy, and it's not good for the enviorment and looks unsightly. I personally think that the government should get rid of these buildings or move them inside a large musem so that the buildings don't pollute the enviorment any longer. I am sorry that I do not have a picture to show you of the buildings. Keep following for more posts.

Our First Basketball Game This Season

The first game of the season was suppose to end up with us being crushed by the new team Byram. The outcome was the complete opposite. We won 28-8 in a complete blowout. Byram did not score until the second half. In that game my friend, Justin, scored our first 10 points, then I was the second person to score makeing a 16 ft jumpshot. After the game I wondered why that team did not play like they were rumoured to. Now after our Sparta game we are 2-0 and we will go on to play Hampton next Saturday,the 22nd. The picture at the bottom shows the scoreboard (in the backround) at the end of the game. Keep following for more posts. 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Game against sparta

On Saturday the 15th I had a basketball game against Sparta
At the end of regulation time we were tied at 23 so we went to overtime. No one scored in overtime until there was 1.5 seconds left. My teamates Matt and Justin plowed through everyone and Justin made the last second game-winning shot with 1.1 second left. We are now 2-0 and will play Hampton next Saturday. the picture at the bottom shows the scoreboard at the end of the game. Horay for Fredon!!! Keep folowing for more posts.