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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Most people think of snow as tiny balls of water that is cold precipitating down onto the ground. That is very wrong. Snow is tiny ice crystals that form, and when they are heavy enough they fall to earth. When the snow hits the ground, most of the time it melts for a while then starts collecting. The only time snow collects immediately after falling is if the ground is below the temperature of the snow crystals. Snow is also very helpful. One way snow is helpful is because it can bring water to the ground to help the water cycle.  Another good thing snow does, if there is enough of it, it will give you a snow day, or at least a delayed opening. Some of the bad things snow can do is freeze very hard and become the dangerous black ice. Another bad thing snow does is snow too much and cancel your basketball practice like it did tonight, January 26, 2011. Remember don't groan at snow, think of all the great things snow does for us.  Below is a picture of a bird that is standing on the snow. If you look closely, you can see the tiny snow crystals.

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