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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Car Review: Mercedes-Benz GLK 350 SUV

   Hi again everyone. This time, we are reviewing the Mercedes-Benz GLK 350 SUV. The GLK 350 is the only one in its category, and because of that, it is mainly referred to as just the GLK. The GLK is the smallest of the Mercedes-Benz line of SUV's. It has 4 wheel drive(called "4MATIC" on a Mercedes-Benz), many accessory packages and seating for up to 5 people. It also has a fairly large rear area for cargo.

    The GLK is a very comfortable car to be in. The smaller size makes the vehicle more adapt to smaller users and people who don't want a huge car. The GLK's exterior colors are non-metallic Arctic White, Black and Mars Red. The metallic exterior colors are Cuprite Brown, Diamond White, Iridium Silver, Lunar Blue, Obsidian Black, Palladium Silver, Pearl Beige, Sapphire Grey and Steel Grey. The upholstery choices are Almond/Black, Black and Grey/Black. Please note that the  Grey/Black choice requires the Full Leather Seating Package. The interior trim options are Burl Walnut wood and Aluminum. Please note that Aluminum trim requires Black MB-Tex upholstery.

   Below are a few photos of the Mercedes-Benz GLK. Thanks for viewing!

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